The Namibia Financial Institutions Supervisory Authority (NAMFISA) regulates and supervises financial institutions, including microlenders.

Microlenders are regulated under the provisions of the Microlending Act.

The inspection of microlenders is coordinated in accordance with the Inspection of Financial Institutions Act, 1984 (Act No. 38 of 1984).

If a microlender has treated you unfairly, you may complain to NAMFISA by filling out a Complaint Intake Form. You can get a Complaint Intake Form from your microlender. Please ask for a form.


Step I
First, take up the matter with the frontline staff of the Microlender. State the problem and ask for a solution. Specifically ask if the staff is able to resolve the complaint.

Step II
If the staff is unable to resolve the complaint, make an appointment with the Principal Officer/Owner of the Microlending business. Put the problem in writing, ask for a solution within a certain period and hand the complaint to the Principal Officer/Owner at the day of the meeting. If the Principal Officer/Owner does not want to meet you or cannot give you a date within a reasonable time for a meeting, go to Step III

Step III
If the microlender fails to reply or the complainant is not satisfied with the reply, or could not meet with the Principal Officer/Owner-,

Complete a Complaint Intake Form.

Give the Complaint Intake Form plus any relevant supporting documents to the Consumer Complaints and Education Department of NAMFISA.

Should you want to make the complaint by e-mail, send it to and mail the relevant supporting documentation to NAMFISA at the following postal address:

The Registrar
P O Box 21250
Windhoek NAMIBIA

Alternatively, bring the supporting documentation personally to: 

The Registrar
27 Fidel Castro St, Alexander Forbes House, 2nd Floor Independence Avenue.

Refer to the e-mail complaint, particularly the date when it was sent.

NAMFISA shall study the complaint and inform the complainant of the appropriate action.

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