• accounting-essentials

    Accounting Essentials


    To run a business, numbers must be taken into account and factored into everyday decision-making, both major and minor. Understanding the numbers associated with day-to-day operations is no longer just the domain of the finance and accounting departments – everyone from lower-level staff to senior managers should learn the fundamentals of the cost of the organization’s product or service, the price strategies involved, and the impact that short- and long-term decisions have on the bottom line.

    Accounting Essentials courseware is an introductory course that teaches the basics of finance, accounting, and economic strategies in an easy-to-follow, easy-to-understand format complete with glossaries, diagrams, and self-tests. This book was written especially for nonfinancial managers or new business owners, and can be used in an academic setting or for self-study. It is an indispensable primer for learning and understanding accounting fundamentals, such as cash and accrual accounting, basic recordkeeping, ledger and journal entries, and financial statement preparation.

  • Business-Etiquette-and-Professionalism

    Business Etiquette and Professionalism


    The rules in business are more flexible than ever before. That means it’s actually harder to know what’s appropriate at any time. Fortunately, Business Etiquette and Professionalism focuses on the keys to conducting yourself at internal or client meetings, at any given time, which are still understanding, kindness and courtesy. Make sure you know how to represent yourself and your company in any situation.

    The Business Etiquette and Professionalism courseware is designed to cover critical business and professional development topics in the shortest time possible. Our easy-to-read, easy-to-understand format can be used for self-study or classroom training, or even office training. With a wealth of hands-on exercises, the 50-Minute books keep you engaged and help you retain critical skills.

  • customer-service

    Customer Service


    Customer Service courseware focuses on providing quality customer care to ensure that every single contact with your company is a positive experience. Customers can range from external consumers to internal employees in other departments. Knowing how to provide the same level of service to all customers will enrich your time spent at work by establishing positive business relationships. The courseware also focuses on recognizing crucial points throughout customer interactions in order to increase your ability to solve problems and offer affirmative solutions.

    Applying this knowledge trends in service and consumer desires allows you to contribute to the company’s bottom line and make a customer’s life a little easier.


    • Describe the benefits of customer service, identify internal customers, identify the benefits to you of giving good customer service, and identify how you can help your company to excel.
    • Identify the major trends in customer service today and the combination of criteria required for customer satisfaction.
    • Identify the benefits of bringing respect, emotional support, and a personal touch to customer interactions, and apply the personal touch to customer interactions.
    • Identify the six categories of face-to-face communication, the critical success factors in face-to-face communication, and the benefits of actively listening to your customers.
    • Identify remote customer service communication channels and apply remote customer service best practices.
    • Identify guidelines for handling unreasonable customers, explore ways to handle angry customers, and identify guidelines for handling unhelpful colleagues.
    • Take action to increase the loyalty of the customers you serve. You will also identify guidelines for dealing with moments of truth, identify the benefits of customer complaints, identify the steps in the service recovery process, and analyze the moments of truth in a real-life situation.
  • Challenging-Customer

    Dealing with Challenging Customer Interactions


    In this courseware, you will explore methods for dealing with common challenging customer interactions.

    This courseware is intended for customer service representatives and any client-facing employee who needs to cope with challenging customer situations, either directly or indirectly. This course is also highly useful to customer service managers, who need to be aware of the potential difficult situations in the field and have a standard means of addressing them.


    • Learn to establish a solid relationship with the customer, so that you may proceed with the interaction in a positive direction.
    • Learn to overcome communication issues when dealing with customers.
    • Learn to resolve challenging situations with customers.
  • Effective Business Writing


    Though businesses increasingly rely on technology, technological skills alone do not guarantee success in the workplace. You must still develop your ideas, express them clearly, and persuade others of their viability. The Effective Business Writing courseware offers effective strategies to sharpen your writing skills by structuring your ideas logically, exercising diplomacy in letters and reports, and shaping your arguments.

    Effective Business Writing Objectives:

    • Identify techniques to write effective business communication.
    • Write electronic communication that is clear, concise, and appropriate in a business context.
    • Apply the writing principles you have studied to specific business situations and learn to address the needs of a particular audience.
    • Use your writing and diplomatic skills to create formal business letters.
    • Use basic persuasive strategies that will allow you to plan and deliver effective proposals.
  • grammar-essentials

    Grammar Essentials


    Grammar Essentials book, you will review the rules of grammar, identify common grammar errors, and refine your business writing style. Improving your grammar will help you deliver polished and professional written communications. Correct grammar and a refined, concise writing style can help you clearly express your ideas to others, streamline the directions and instructions that you deliver, and create impressive presentations and reports.

    Grammar Essentials Objectives:

    • Examine nouns, pronouns, and verbs.
    • Identify adjectives and adverbs.
    • Identify prepositions, conjunctions, and interjections.
    • Identify some important rules of grammar and some commonly made grammatical errors.
    • Identify grammar rules regarding correct punctuation.
    • Identify problematic sentence fragments, run-ons, and comma splices, as well as effective methods of rewriting sentences so that they are clear and complete.
    • Identify methods for improving word choices.
    • Identify methods for building effective sentences.
    • Identify methods for editing text effectively.
  • Organizational Behavior

    Organizational Behavior


    This courseware defines organizational behavior and identifies the variables and characteristics that influence an individual’s behavior in the workplace. In this courseware, you will learn about groups and teams, decision-making processes, and conflict management within an organization. Course activities also cover communication styles, channels, organizational structure, and culture and its impact on employees. You will also learn how to perform a job analysis and job redesign.

    Effective Business Writing Objectives:

    • Understanding organizational behavior.
    • Organizational dynamics for individuals.
    • Group and team dynamics.
    • Power, politics, and leadership.
    • Organizational structure.
    • Job and workspace design.
    • Organizational culture.
  • Project Management

    Project Management Skills for Non-Project Managers


    Although you are not formally employed as a project manager, you may occasionally be called on to lead a small- to medium-sized project for your company. In this Project Management courseware, you will strategically plan a project so that you can achieve the desired results on time and on budget. You will identify its requirements and the resources you have to work with, monitor the project’s progress, and mitigate the related obstacles so that you can lead a team in bringing the project to a successful completion. This courseware will give you the basics on the project management process and the tools needed to manage small- to medium-size projects.

  • writing-fitness

    Writing Fitness


    The Writing Fitness book is designed to cover critical business and professional development topics in the shortest time possible. Our easy-to-read, easy-to-understand format can be used for self-study or classroom training, or even office training. With a wealth of hands-on exercises, the 50-Minute books keep you engaged and help you retain critical skills.